Best Ideas to Transform Old Basement into a Stylish Living Space

Every private home usually has as big basement, but in the most cases it is dark and damp to use it as a living space. But today Guy Solomon the owner of Penguin Basement offers you the variety of pros to use your basement space as a living area! He helps the clients to see that the area below can be turned into the fashionable room and used as an additional part of the house. Check out these tips with the best ideas for your basement.

First of all have the positive thinking. When any repair starts it is difficult to imagine the results of the work, but always be creative. When you have the basement to finish look at it as to the blank canvas where you are able to create everything that your can imagine. Everything is up to you: you can create a room in th style of your living room of the main floor or make something absolutely different. Forget about the dark and damp place with musty odor with Guy Solomon's team.

The next step is the most important one – you need to decide what kind of space you need. For sure Guy Solomon and his team are able to give you the most stylish ideas, but you need a start, the basic notion of your future room. You need to determine of the area purpose, like a family recreation room, gym or a bedroom for a kid. Usually basement can be perfect for a man cave, because there is a lot of space, you can create there a home theatre and there is an innovative tendency to create a basement apartment with a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen to lease it or to settle young children who need private space.

Then you need to consider all the issues related to the basement specifications. As it is located in the ground there are some points to pay attention to such as the lighting. As we understand there is not much natural light, so you need to consider windows selection carefully. Casement windows are the best sellers when it comes to basement renovation. The main goal of Guy Solomon in this case is to create a vision of natural light. It can be achieved by light walls colors and recessed lighting can create a romantic atmosphere with multiple fixtures.

But it doesn't mean that all the walls and ceilings should be white to brightening up a dark space. Guy Solomon is sure that it is a good solution, but is not the only one. If you are going to paint the walls white it can appear a feeling of a harsh and sterile room. To avoid it and make a room more interesting and inviting think over using another light and warm colors. Another interesting solution is to combine colors and make sections, for example one wall can be darker and the opposite one brighter! This option will create an unusual effect of stylish room.

The best way to make your basement look stylish is to find interesting elements to decorate your basement. That can be extraordinary pictures on the walls, vases, light fixtures and other architectural details. Here Guy Solomon is the best advisor with his unique vision of the basement finishing and innovative design options.