Guy Solomon, the head and owner of Penguin Basements, is a Leader in Designing the Coveted “Man Cave”

Summary: The main idea of this press release is to inform the potential customers that Penguin Basements, LTD is a leading contraction company on Toronto market when it comes to the basement renovation.

ONTARIO, Canada – October 28, 2015 – When we are talking about the term “man cave” we can understand that it is one for the ages and it is not slowing down at all. In every country of the world you will easily find the man who is turning his basement, attic, shed and even garage into castles that they can call their own. Guy Solomon – the head and owner of Penguin Basements construction company has a ton of experience in designing the exclusive man cave based on the presented space, the desires of the client, his budget, and many other factors.

A true man cave is a specially designed area right in your house where the all home decor are showing that this space is just for a man. The main idea is to use this space for his leisure activities and hobbies. This term “man cave” was used in 1992 for the first time, though it became trendy only in the early 2000s. On the Internet you will find hundreds of web-sites with interesting decorative elements, clever gadgets and more things for these spaces, but here stands another issue – most of the homeowners are facing with the problem to find a contractor who will be able to understand their overall visions and wishes. And here Penguin Basements is the leader thanks to their skills to communicate with clients.

Guy Solomon and his team are true basement specialists. In comparison to the other home remodelling and renovation contractors, they focus their minds only on basement area of the home. If you will browse their website, you will find out that the company is building about 200 basements per year. Throughout his career, Guy Solomon became a true pro in basement renovation increasing the number of man cave requests and lending to the overall popularity of this trend as well.

Penguin Basements renovation project starts from the basics. First of all the company inspects the structure of your basement, including all important features such as grade, plumbing, electrical work, and even the setting up of HVAC before to create a design based on client’s vision. Then, the home interior designers are creating up to three unique concepts of the basement based on the man cave vision, allowing the client to view them in virtual 3D and understand how it will look in the future. Also here the client can choose everything starting from the paint colors to fixtures in the Design Center, or they can provide their own custom designs.

Today Homeowners who like the idea of turning their basements into man caves can give a call to Penguin Basements constructors to get some new innovative ideas and estimates for their ideas. When budgeting is a concern, the company offers financing with pocket-friendly payment options. The future clients can find reviews and testimonials of the company’s work on web-sites like, Yelp, Google+, and N49.

About the Company: Guy Solomon is the head and owner of Penguin Basements LTD – a construction company serving Toronto and areas around it. Penguin Basements is a leader the industry of basement finishing and renovation. The major distinctive feature of these contractors is an an opportunity for the clients to view the progress of their home renovation projects online in real time. Also the company provides a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and provides the work with current and future homeowners with incredible peace of mind.