Preparing for winter: Best tips from Guy Solomon and his team

Winter comes and brings in cold weather and icy blast that is so harsh in Canada. That is a real challenge for the homeowners to make their living conditions more comfortable. Here shines Guy Solomon with his innovative ideas helping the homeowners focus not just on their main and upper floors, but consider winterizing too. He is sure that winterizing your basement is just as important.

Let's think about it. Usually basement is the place where all the heating systems are located like water heaters, furnaces, air ducts, hot water pipes, and HVAC systems, they are providing the warm in your house. But if they are left in the cold place, they need much more energy to produce the necessary heat for the comfort of the homeowners. Moreover if the basement is cold, that can be a reason for drafts on the floor above. The company underlines that it can cause additional negative impact on the heating system. What's more when we are talking about energy efficient windows, the ones that are installed in the basement will be the leading component for the energy keeping function in the whole house!

Penguin Basements is one of the most trusted Canadian contractors who has years of experience to end drafts via closer attention to the windows, its leaks, unprofessional walls insulation, etc. Penguin Basements is the one of that small amount of companies with niche specialization, who focuses their work solely on the basement.

- When we are talking about basement winterizing Guy Solomon and his team are sure that the best method is fiberglass for ceiling, floor and walls. Unlike other companies they are sure that utility equipment needs extra insulating methods, that will prevent drafts and energy loss forever.

- All the windows in basement should be replaced with innovative ones made of vinyl and have two panes of Low-E glass.

- Waterproof wall board also provides the best insulation for your basement walls and prevents many drafts that are cooling your HVAC equipment and pipes.

- The crew will also calculate your space for humidity level, evaluate how to deal with moisture, since it is a good start for mold, mildew, and other problems.

When all the important works are done ( insulating HVAC equipment and the pipes) it is time to save on the energy bills, because all the heating equipment doesn't have to work so hard to warm the whole house. Many homeowners will be surprised with such a change and see the effects of proper basement winterization!

About the Company: Penguin Basements, LTD headed by Guy Solomon is a professional basement renovation company providing various services to upgrade your living conditions. Penguin Basements has years of experience specializing solely on underground space in Toronto and the surrounding areas. These professionals are ready to work with any client helping to create dream basements on time and on budget.