Tips for Creating an Attractive Basement Laundry Room

Just because your laundry room is in the basement doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and functional. Here are a few ideas taken from the works of Guy Solomon that you can use to make yours one more fashionable.

Sliding Laundry Room Door

The problem with many basement laundry rooms is a lack of space inside them that is further compounded by a swinging door. This issue can easily be eliminated with a door that either lifts up or slides to one side to allow for easy access. Not only will this type of door save space, but it will also be easy to access whenever you are carrying a bulky laundry basket or hamper.

Hiding a Water Heater

Your water heater may also be located inside your laundry room. If so, it can detract from its appearance, which is why you should take measures to conceal it whenever possible. One way of doing this is by hanging l-shaped rods along the ceiling and then attaching a curtain that you can pull shut in order to hide it. Be sure to leave at least one meter on all sides of your water heater to allow for good airflow and reduce the risk of fire. You can also use a folding screen or rolling clothes rack, provided you also leave a meter of space between these objects and the tank.

Sheet Metal Ceiling

Hiding plumbing and electrical lines in a rustic basement laundry room can easily be accomplished with a sheet metal ceiling. Sheet metal is also inexpensive, and will provide you with some additional protection in the event of a fire. This type of ceiling would be perfect along with freestanding wash tubs and a wooden counter. You could paint your sheet metal to match your appliances, or leave it unfinished for a more natural look, whichever you prefer.

Retractable Clothesline

For times when you wish to air dry clothing, a retractable clothesline can certainly come in handy. This clothesline could be attached to one wall, or placed inside a cabinet to keep it out of sight whenever it is not being used. A retractable clothesline can save room, while also eliminating the need for foldable racks that might consume a great deal of your available storage space.

Disguising Pipes

If your laundry room has one or more pipes that are visibly exposed, one way to disguise them would be to create a mural of a forest on your wall. You could then paint your pipe to make it resemble the trunk of a tree, adding fake greenery at the top to give the appearance of a canopy. You may also choose to simply paint your pipes a bold shade of red or blue to make them a bit more attractive.

These ideas will help you turn an ordinary basement laundry room into something that’s interesting and fun. Basement laundry rooms can be just as exciting as those found in other areas of a home when you use your imagination to come up with new ideas for decorating them.